The Company

At the hour of the development of new technologies and new services in the worldwide innovation market, market and business intelligence has never been so necessary. In a globalized world where the economic-technological war beats its drum, differentiation is a major asset. This is why, at CBDM.T®, our job is to chart and analyze, in an objective and exhaustive way, all players and technologies of the market in order to establish a powerful market-oriented strategy.


CBDM.T® is a market and business intelligence company with offices in France, Switzerland and Israel. As an advisory services company, CBDM.T® boosts companies to develop revenue and growth by providing business and marketing services in the life science and biotech markets (market surveys, market scouting, business development and strategic supports).


CBDM.T® provides to small, medium and large companies technology-based business development support to identify new customers and also to fine-tune a business strategy. Typically, CBDM.T® interacts with its clients as business development or executive partners to maximize effectiveness and minimize risks to sound out international markets (WOI - Window Opportunity Identification).

The benefits of CBDM.T® support:

  • Increase New Business Development Effectiveness
  •   - European Networks in Biotech, Medium Size Pharmaceutical companies

      - Business Experience & Expertise

      - Strategic and Operating Plans

  • Integrate and link the Technology to the Market
  • Save Time and Resources


CBDM.T® partners will:

  • Evaluate the technology
  • Validate business opportunity
  • Analyse the market potential to build up the business case
  • Implement the strategy