CBDM.T® and BioAdvice will develop a mapping of innovative technologies from the biotechnology areas which could be applied in New Product Development (NPD) or/ and in Product Improvement (PI). Furthermore, they will identify and select the most relevant, rewarding projects and initiate collaboration for operational implementation (product development plan and follow-up tools). “Product innovation is central to success in the industry. The convergence of biotechnology, chemistry and agroresources has already opened doors to innovations that will revolutionize the industry, from industrial manufacturing to production of chemicals and consumer goods. Working with BioAdvice will allow us to help decision-makers in industrial markets to make the right strategic choices to initiate real innovation programs with scientific, process development and intelligence marketing perspectives”, staid Philippe Tramoy, Managing Partner, CBDM.T®. "The combination of expertise achieved through this collaboration will further our customers’ strategies validation and is expected to lead to concrete innovative product development such bio-carbohydrates and target compounds for the access of new renewable building blocks. We are already in discussion with a company leader, for which the turnover speed of its products is key, in order to consolidate these approaches." said Claude Bensoussan, Chief Executive Officer, BioAdvice.

About BioAdvice

BioAdvice is a Contract Operational Management company focused on the biotech industries, which addresses R&D and operational issues. The team of BioAdvice brings its broad strategic and operational experience to the development of your bioproduct, handling all aspects of process development. Thanks to its team who gained their expertise working in-house at many international pharmaceutical, chemical and biotech companies, BioAdvice support its customers to turn challenges into success.

About CBDM.T®

CBDMT® is a services company providing to small, medium size and large industrial companies a technology-based intelligence marketing support to identify new customers or new technologies (Market Survey, Market Scouting and Business Development). Typically, CBDMT® interacts with its clients as business development partner to maximize effectiveness and minimize risks to sound out international markets (WOI - Window Opportunity Identification).