About LifeScience-Consulting

LifeScience-Consulting, Inc. is a company focused on the integration of financial and scientific data to provide sophisticated computer models and cutting edge industry knowledge. The Company markets the Lifescience-Portal™, a fully integrated information infrastructure platform improving the complex valuation of pharma/biotech companies and projects. Additionally, the Lifescience-Reports™ are shaped to match specifically customers' demands for market analysis, due diligence and projects' valuations.

About CBDM.T®

CBDMT® is a Market and Business Intelligence company. CBDMT® provides to small, medium size and industrial companies a strategic support to identify new customers and also to fine tune a business strategy. Typically, CBDMT® interacts with its clients as business development or executive partners to maximize effectiveness and minimize risks to sound out international market (WOI - Window Opportunity Identification).