Molecular Diagnostics: Market Segmentation and Opportunities

Executive summary

Molecular diagnostics (MDx) is the fastest growing segment of the in vitro diagnostics industry (IVD). With a market size of ~$4B in 2009, and a double digit growth rate, this attractive segment continues to be a major contributor in the evolution of the healthcare landscape.

MDx involves platforms and assays that leverage multiple technologies to identify genetic variations in individual patients. These technologies offer significant advantages such as time-to-result and cost-effectiveness over culture-based or immune-based techniques.

This report reviews the market size, growth, segments and trends of the MDx industry from 2006 to 2012. The market is segmented to provide insights on specific growth opportunities by therapeutic areas, analytes tested (i.e., plex level), test rationale, test location and geography.

Major competitors are reviewed along with their key platforms. Competitors shaping the industry include BioPharma (e.g., Abbott, Roche), IVD/MDx pure-play companies (e.g., BioMerieux, Cepheid, Gen-probe) or research tool companies (e.g., Illumina, Life Technologies).



Table of content

   In vitro diagnostics market overview

Molecular diagnostics market overview 
   MDx technologies 

Market segmentation: Therapeutic areas 
   Segment assessment 
   Growth drivers 

Market segmentation: Analytes tested 
   Segment assessment 
   Growth drivers 

Market segmentation: Test rationale 
   Segment assessment 
   Growth drivers 

Market segmentation: Test location 
   Segment assessment 
   Growth drivers 

Market segmentation: Geography 
   Segment assessment 
   Growth drivers 

Major competitors 
   Large pharmaceutical companies 
   IVD and MDx pure-play companies 
   Life science and research tools companies 
   Other companies 

Coverage and reimbursement 
   Current situation 
   Impact of the 2010 Healthcare reform 

MDx opportunities and challenges 
   Changing healthcare environment 
   Instruments and assays growth opportunities 
   MDx challenges 

   Table of exhibits 
   List of key MDx players 


Table of exhibits:

Exhibit 1: WW IVD market size (2006-12) 
Exhibit 2: WW IVD market by test type (2009) 
Exhibit 3: WW MDx market by therapeutic area (2006-12) 
Exhibit 4: MDx market drivers and moderators 
Exhibit 5: Multiplex ability and sample throughput of current genomic technologies 
Exhibit 6: WW MDx market by therapeutic area (2009) 
Exhibit 7: Infectious disease market segment size and growth 
Exhibit 8: WW MDx market by number of analytes (2009) 
Exhibit 9: WW MDx market by test rationale (2009) 
Exhibit 10: MDx test rationales and examples 
Exhibit 11: WW MDx market by test location (2009) 
Exhibit 12: WW MDx market by geography (2009) 
Exhibit 13: Advantages and disadvantages of partnerships 
Exhibit 14: Selected MDx players 
Exhibit 15: Selected MDx platform workflow capabilities 
Exhibit 16: Example companion diagnostic tests



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