Fluidigm Due Diligence: Company Profile, SWOT Analysis and Market Opportunity

Executive summary

Fluidigm is a life science company that develops and distributes instruments and chips for genomic analysis and X-ray crystallography applications. The company owns a disruptive and scalable integrated fluidic circuits (IFC) technology.

This technology enables the execution of thousands of experiments in parallel in nanoliter volumes, and facilitates implementation of experiments with a complex design.

Since its inception in 1999, Fluidigm has incurred >$150M in operating losses. While profitability in the next 1-2 years is unlikely, Fluidigm has strong revenue potential given its deep intellectual property portfolio and growth of its targetmarkets.



Table of content


   Company overview 
   Company strategy 
   Key Technology 

Products, pricing and applications
   Product differentiation 

Customer types and installed base

Instrument installed base
   Revenue stream analysis 
   IPO withdrawal 

Market opportunity
   qPCR market 
   MDx market 
   dPCR market 

   Current distribution partnership 
   Molecular Diagnostics and Down syndrome 
   Potential for partnership model 

Fluidigm's SWOT analysis

IP Position 
   Other markets 
   Potential transaction 
   dPCR market size scenarios 
   Company timeline 
   Selected management team bios 
   List of key MDx players 
   Table of exhibits 

Table of exhibits:
Exhibit 1: Characteristics of Fluidigm's 48.770 and 12.765 Digital Array 
Exhibit 2: Characteristics of Fluidigm's 96:96 and 48:48 Dynamic Array 
Exhibit 3: Characteristics of Fluidigm's Dynamic Arrays for SNP genotyping 
Exhibit 4: Fluidigm Income (2003-07) 
Exhibit 5: Fluidigm's balance sheet (2003-07) 
Exhibit 6: Fluidigm's estimated revenues (2004-09E) 
Exhibit 7: Nasdaq index price (top) and Morgan Stanley stock price (bottom) from August to October 2008 
Exhibit 8: WW qPCR market by end-user (2007-13E) 
Exhibit 9: WW MDx market by therapeutic area (2007-13E) 
Exhibit 10: WW MDx market by technology (2007-13E) 
Exhibit 11: MDx market drivers and moderators 
Exhibit 12: Strengths and weaknesses of Fluidigm's platform for MDx applications 
Exhibit 13: WW dPCR market forecast by end-user type (base case; 2009-20E
Exhibit 14: WW dPCR MDx market share forecast (2009-20E) 
Exhibit 15: Multiplex ability and sample throughput of current genomic technologies 
Exhibit 16: Advantages and disadvantages of the partnership model 
Exhibit 17: SWOT analysis summary 
Exhibit 18: Cummulative number of publications using Fluidigm technology (1999-2010E) 
Exhibit 19: WW dPCR Market scenarios by end-user type (2009-20E



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