Qiagen: Company Profile and SWOT Analysis

Executive summary

Qiagen develops and markets biological sample preparation and analysis products for academic, biopharmaceutical and molecular diagnostics companies. These products are considered standards by these customers.
Qiagen has experienced impressive double-digit revenue growth over the last few years, in part driven by increased exposure to MDx.
Over the last few years, Qiagen has started a transition from life science research tools to molecular diagnostic(MDx),triggered by the strategic acquisition of Digene. This transaction reflects the increasing interest research tools companies have for the attractive MDx market, a ~$4B market that is experiencing double digit growth.



Table of content

   Company overview 
   Company mission

Company revenue breakdown 8
   Sales by product class
   Sales by customer type

Qiagen addressable markets
   NA sample preparation market overview 12
   Molecular diagnostics market overview 13
   Other addressable markets 15

Major competitors
   NA sample preparation in non-clinical labs 18
   MDx market

Products, pricing and applications 27

Regulatory environment
   Qiagen's position

Intellectual propriety
SWOT Analysis

   HPV and Cervical Cancer
   Table of exhibits

Table of exhibits:

Exhibit 1: Qiagen income (2004-2008)
Exhibit 2: Exchange rate of the US dollar vs. the Euro (2008-2009)
Exhibit 3: Qiagen analyst revenue forecasts (2006-2012)
Exhibit 4: Estimated Qiagen WW revenues by product class, customer and geography (2008)8
Exhibit 5: Selected Qiagen platforms
Exhibit 6: Qiagen MDx sales breakdown (2008)
Exhibit 7: WW nucleic acid preparation market by customer type (2006-2012)
Exhibit 8: Qiagen sample preparation market share worldwide (2009)
Exhibit 9: WW molecular diagnostics market by therapeutic area (2006-2012)*
Exhibit 10: MDx market drivers and moderators
Exhibit 11: Selected Qiagen acquisitions
Exhibit 12: Selected Qiagen competitors
Exhibit 13: WW HPV testing market by competitors (2006-2012)
Exhibit 14: Qiagen's HPV testing position
Exhibit 15: HPV platforms
Exhibit 16: Select Qiagen Platforms
Exhibit 17: Qiagen SWOT analysis
Exhibit 18: WW HPV testing market size by geography (2006-2012)
Exhibit 19: WW HPV testing market opportunity by geography (2006-2012)
Exhibit 20: WW HPV testing market penetration by geography (2006-2012)



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