To continue its growth in the life science industry, CBDM.T® is expanding its team with a new Israeli partner, Olivier Soussan. "The addition of Olivier to our team meets our customer's expectations to develop business in the very dynamic Life Science market in Israel" says Philippe Tramoy, managing partner.

From the first recombinant protein in the 70s, modern biotechnology and more particularly the industrial or white biotechnology is a real alternative technology for the development and the production of goods from renewable resources (in 2015 up to €300 billion in chemical product sales will be bioproduced). It will allow increasing energy and processing efficiency (cost-effectiveness, flexibility, cleanness, sustainability). So please think not only about pharmaceutical products when we are talking about the 'so trendy' biotechnology market. The invisible white biotechnology revolution is going on.

PARIS, May 29, 2006 -- CBDM.T® Ltd. ( today announced that it has entered into a strategic collaboration with BioAdvice Ltd. ( Under the agreement, CBDM.T® and BioAdvice will not only identify but also audit some potential future partners or innovative technologies to be acquired or developed by their customers. This strategic collaboration is in line with our customer’s expectation of identifying innovative, relevant and industrially applicable technologies to be successful in the product innovation race. It will be focused on technologies and/or biotechnologies fitting with the improvement and the development of innovative products in the Life Science, Chemical and Cosmetics markets.

PARIS, December 17, 2007 -- CBDM.T® Ltd. ( is pleased to announce the launch of the "Google of Pharma"(1) by its Swiss Partner LifeScience Consulting. Lifescience-online ( is a unique web portal focusing on connecting business people and democratizing the biofinancial information by bringing FREE content! There is no other pharma platform that provide as much free content as lifescience-online can! gives acces to free available data such as daily news, more than 5.000 company profiles and also more than 14.000 drug profiles. allows you the promotion of your business by customizing your company profile and so attracting potential investors and partners!

(1) - PME Magazine, Nr 10 - October 2007

PARIS, May 15, 2006 -- LifeScience-Consulting Inc. ( is pleased to announce it has entered into a joint agreement with CBDM.T® Ltd.. This exciting collaboration will enable a broader range of services to be offered to business development departments, financial analysts and top-managers in pharma, biotech, chemical industries and financial services.